Sri Lanka which is an island situated in the Indian ocean is a tourist paradise. You must visit the picturesque places in this country. Sri Lanka is also called as ‘the pearl of the Indian ocean’’ because of the unique beauty it has. If you have a different taste than the normal travelers don’t think twice to select Sri Lanka as your traveling destination for the next vacation. The reason for this is, Sri Lanka has something unique to offer for all most all travelers. So you should visit this splendid country on your next vacation. There are ample things you can do and enjoy in this tiny island. Let’s see the most important reasons for visiting Sri Lanka

  1. Sandy Beaches with Shallow Sea

This tiny island is surrounded by the beautiful sea. You can leisurely lay on a sandy beach and have a sunbath. All most all the beaches in Sri Lanka are unpolluted and full of iconic features. The other specialty of Sri Lankan beaches is you can select a beach concerning your preferences.

 If you want to watch turtles around the beach you can select Unawatuna beach. If you need to lay under strong sunshine it is better to choose Nilaweli beach or Brown’s beach. Mirissa is ideal for the ones who love to soak up the sun in peace. If you want to do water activities like kite surfing and para surfing just try Bentota beach. Just select the place to enjoy the sea breeze considering your preferences. 

  1. Wildlife Biodiversity

Sri Lanka is considered as one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world. If you are a nature lover, you must add Sri Lanka to the lists of countries that you hope to visit. There are ample of rare animals that you can watch in the national parks of Sri Lanka. You will enjoy seeing the herds of elephants in Yala national park and beautiful birds in Kumana. You will able to watch innocent deer, proud peacocks, beautiful butterflies, and many other species in their natural habitats. 

  1. Hospitality of People

You won’t be able to meet a nation with such hospitality as Sri Lankans from anywhere in the world. Sri Lanka is a multicultural country where Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and many other people in different cultures live. You will able to see smiling faces everywhere you go. Sri Lankans are very helpful. They are willing to help others in every instance. They will welcome you saying “Ayubowan’’ which means may you have a long life. History also has much evidence to show the hospitality of Sri Lankans. You must visit Sri Lanka at least for one time to meet this hospitable nation.

  1. Luxurious Hotels

There are ample of luxurious hotels in Si Lanka. So you can choose the hotel by considering your budget. Hotels are situated in the best scenic places around the country. It is very easy to find a place to stay from the locations you like. There are swimming pools and spas inside the hotel. You can taste food according to your choice. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka on a low budget, you can choose a guest house or a homestay which offers economy deals. All the facilities of hotels are offered at a reasonable price.

  1. Favorable Climate 

Sri Lanka is a tropical country where a favorable climate is presented throughout the year. You will able to see blue skies all around you around the year. In monsoon season the humidity and rain are increased. So it is better to consider it before planning your visit. You can experience an extremely changed climate from one district to another in Sri Lanka. If you want a hot climate you can enjoy visiting coastal areas like Galle, Matara, and Hambantota. If you want to enjoy a cold climate you can move to Nuwara Eliya. This tourist paradise offers you a favorable climate to visit the country.

  1. Ease of Traveling

You can travel to many parts of the country in a few hours than you ever think. There are ample of transportation methods inside the country. If you like to travel by bus you can choose a normal, semi-luxury or luxury bus. If you want to go by train it will be an amazing experience. The railways are located through very picturesque sites. You can enjoy a train ride to a hill country which will remain in your mind forever. The cost of the train ticket is also comparatively low. So it will help you to travel on a budget. 

You can hire a private car, van or a three-wheeler too. If you have a short time for traveling it will be very much efficient to hire private transport. 

  1. Ample of things to visit

Once you visit this paradise no doubt that you will become addicted to this country. There are many things to visit in this country. Sri Lanka is abundant with both natural beauty and cultural heritage. When it comes to the natural beauty coral reefs and beautiful school of fish can be seen underwater. The world’s largest mammals Dolphins in water and Elephant on Earth are both present in Sri Lanka. There are many wonderful waterfalls and rivers in Sri Lanka. 

You will be amazed by seeing the Sigiriya which is a palace built on a rock, huge statues of lord buddha made out of rocks are marvelous creations of ancestors in this country, the pagodas which touch the sky is fascinating and the tanks which are large as oceans will show the proudness of the nation. There are so many places like this you must enjoy watching on this tiny island.

Other than these things there are many other reasons to visit Sri Lanka. You can taste the delicious food they prepare like rice and curry, watch processions they held once a year like dalada perahera ( a procession), Go on a late-night walk to Galle Face or Galle fort, and many more things. All that you have to do is select Sri Lanka as your next travel destination. 

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